How To Make Custom Tumblers With Epoxy

How To Make Custom Tumblers With Epoxy. Protect both your work surface and the base of the spin it. Remember to press the tape down well.

How To Make Custom Tumblers Without Epoxy unugtp from

Cricut made names tumblers gift ideas custom tumblers. Remember to press the tape down well. If you have a cutting machine like a cricut.

Measure By Volume (With Mixing Cups) 1.

Remember to press the tape down well. Make sure it is both tight on the machine and level as well. This will help to pop air bubbles that may be trapped in the epoxy.

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Fumes are produced for the entire time the tumblers are curing (so like 72 hours). An insulated stainless steel tumbler, taped off and spray painted white artresin epoxy resin nitrile gloves mixing container stir stick resintint liquid colorant in the colours of your choice ( we used white, purple, pearl blue, pink and gold ) white glitter to add to the white. Using the mod podge method, paint a layer of mod podge on your entire tumbler.

Mix A 1:1 Ratio Of The A And B Components Of The Epoxy.

A steel tumbler out of the factory assembly line looks really nice, but its surface is too smooth and usually contains a layer of oil, which will prevent the paint base coat or epoxy to stick properly to the surface. How to make custom tumblers with epoxy. Turn on the cup turner and apply your epoxy, carefully spreading the epoxy as you go.

Line A Silicone Baking Sheet Or Foil Tray To Catch Drips.

There are a ton of sellers who will make customized tumbler decals and mail them to you. You can also shim the base of the spin it to level. Liberally sprinkle glitter on the entire cup until completely coated.

After Thorough Research And Review, We Picked The Top Three Epoxy Tumbler Kits On This List.

Margaret carroll nov 17, 2018. How to make custom tumblers with vinyltodaywe are using some metallic silver matte permanent vinyl and some oracal clear high gloss laminate to create custom. How to make glitter tumblers using epoxy or without using epoxy.

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