Best Way To Clean Garage Floor Before Painting

Best Way To Clean Garage Floor Before Painting. Add a baseboard to your floor… it makes all the difference! Clean the floor surface with water and cloths.

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Then, using a spray bottle, spray some bleach cleaner on any oil or grease stains. Clean your garage floor thoroughly. Apply the first coat of concrete paint.

Lay Down A Smooth, Even Layer, Don’t Get It On Anything But The Floor, And Remember:

Allow the floor to dry before painting. First, bring all of your mats and floor rugs outside or place them in a closet or other storage space. Start in a corner and continue along the edge of the wall.

Garage Floor Paint Adheres Best If The Surface Of The Concrete Has A Slightly Roughened.

Soak a mop in this cleansing solution and wring it out until it is damp. Pour the solution on the stain and scrub it into the remaining paint. If a sealer was applied to the floor, grinding or shot blasting is necessary to open up the pores of the concrete so the coating will bond properly.

Next, Pour Extra Detergent (Right From The Box) Directly On The Stain.

Pour the soapy water onto the stain. Completely rinse the garage floor with water and allow at least 4 hours until it is completely dry. Use a scrub brush with thick bristles to scrub the floor with the etching solution in the same pattern as the solution you are pouring until the entire garage floor has been scrubbed clean.

Clean The Floor Surface With Water And Cloths.

Starting in a back corner, cover the freshly painted border with a length of paint roughly 4 feet (1 m) long by 2 feet wide (1.2 m long by 0.6 m wide). Apply the first coat of concrete paint. Take the extra time to thoroughly clean and dry your floor!

Using A Roller With An Extension Pole, Paint The Floor On Strip At A Time.

Pour a small amount of the cleaning solution on the affected area and use a scrub brush to break down the loosened paint. Let it set for a few minutes. Clean your garage floor thoroughly.

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